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Week of: SUNDay, September 20, 2020

Hello Panther Fam,


I hope you have found some bit of normalcy during our virtual phase and look forward to some more opportunities to make music in person in the hybrid phase. For the safety of the students, their families, the community and the staff, we are ordering performance face masks and bell covers. This will be an added layer of protection on top of social distancing in the new Band room.

Important Announcements


Concert Band


Simply, we need more people to join or rejoin concert band specifically in the Brass section. Due to the pandemic, we are already limited on what we can do for each rehearsal. Looking at our numbers makes the situation more pressing. Our numbers highly influence the instrumentation which also influences the concert repertoire we will be able to play. If you know of people who played instruments with you in middle school or even played in the previous years of high school, ask them what they think about being back in a concert band. Then convince them that they will have an experience like no other in band. Also feel free to throw in a shout out to how awesome I am. (ha!) In all seriousness, as you already know, being in band is a good life changing experience. Even if they are rusty on their instrument we will help them get back to it. Feel free to forward them to me as well. I would love to talk with them. If you have any more ideas about getting more people involved (or involved again) in concert band, please let me know.

Weekly Emails


As to not spam your inboxes each week, these weekly emails will only be sent when needed. However if you would like to be up to date on things, I will still update the website each week. 



Posted to all members’ accounts is the balance from your student account. This includes any fundraisers from the previous years or any money paid into the account. Please check this amount to make sure it is correct with your documents/records. Side note: if you did not pay your District Activity Fee and you have money left in your account, the activity fee will be taken out of that account.

 If you still owe dues or see that your account is in the negative, you may fix it through a check made payable to East Pennsboro Music Booster Association or online at: www.eastpennmusic.org/dues 



(Still) Upcoming updates to the website include:

  • Senior Recognition Section

  • Resources for each instrument

  • Music Boosters information

  • And more...


Usual Announcements

More updates:​


Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


- Mr. Pettis


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